IELTS Reading Sentence Completion

IELTS Reading Sentence Completion

The question type in which you are asked to fill the gaps of the sentences is known as the task of sentence completion. Sentence completion is a type of question appeared in IELTS reading. In this question type, you have to fill the gaps of the questions by picking correct words from the given text of IELTS reading.

In this sentence completion task, you are required to follow the instructions of the task to get good scores in IELTS reading. The purpose to add such type of task is to analyze the understanding ability and your command on vocabulary.

IELTS reading sentence completion skills

IELTS reading sentence completion task requires you to be a skillful person. The required skills are given below to take good command.

  • Ability to read the instructions is essential.
  • It is also indispensable to be focused on each task.
  • Good command of skimming and scanning help you to find answer fast and saves your time in reading test of IELTS.
  • The technique to grasp keywords quickly is also critical in such type of task.
  • Ability to pick correct word from keywords plays a vital role.
  • Ability to understand the paraphrasing text is helpful to grasp required information from text.
  • Good command on vocabulary makes easy for you to find answer quickly.
  • The ability of time management plays pivotal role to get success in IELTS reading test even in IELTS reading sentence completion question type.


The purpose to add sentence completion task in IELTS reading is to evaluate your abilities of understanding. The skills of reading- skimming and scanning are judged in this task. Good command on vocabulary plays vital role to get good bands in IELTS reading. Most of the candidates face common challenges while answering IELTS reading sentence completion task. Common problems have been discussed in this article to make you aware about IELTS reading sentence completion. Strategies are there to prepare you about sentence completion IELTS reading. Tips make you expert to appear in IELTS reading. One of the easiest and understandable IELTS reading sentence completion exercises is there to prepare you about this task.

IELTS reading sentence completion strategies and tips

The strategies for IELTS reading sentence completion are essential to be a skillful person for appearing in IELTS reading test as well as to compete in this competitive world. Following tips and strategies for IELTS reading sentence completion are mentioned below to note and apply.

  • Read instructions first.
  • Sentence reading is essential to understand the entire meaning and requirements of the question sentence.
  • Make a refined guess to note the missing information of the question sentence. Most of the time noun, verb, an adjective or an adverb type of information which you have to put in the sentence to make sense in the sentence.
  • The answers appear in the same order as the question sentences are.
  • Scan given text of IELTS reading to get keywords. Keywords help you to guess the location of answers, from where you can easily get the exact answers.
  • When you compare question sentence with text, always think about the synonyms.
  • By using the technique of scanning, underline keywords of the text.
  • After getting exact answer, put it to right place.
  • Remember to check the grammatical setting of the sentence and spellings of the answers to avoid any mistake. Otherwise your answer will be considered wrong.
  • Repeat such techniques to all question sentences until you have solved the test.

Common challenges attempting sentence completion question

Mistakes may be common in any task, but if you are aware about this you can perform best to avoid such types of mistakes. With better performance, you can get good bands in IELTS reading test. Common challenges can be confronted when you are well aware of the following problems:

  • Most of the candidates directly start to read the question.
  • Not habit to read instructions carefully.
  • Weak command on vocabulary.
  • Do not search for synonyms or paraphrasing sentences.
  • Spending more time than requirement on each question.

IELTS reading sentence completion practice

IELTS reading sentence completion example is there to tell you how to answer in such type of task. You will be familiarized by the text that how and which type of text is there for answering IELTS reading sentence completion question type.

Below text how atoms were discovered is adapted from ielts-up just to give an example for IELTS reading sentence completion.

How atoms were discovered Hundreds of years ago in 1785 Dutch scientist Jan Ingenhousz was studying a strange phenomenon that he couldn’t quite make sense of. Minute particles of coal dust were darting about on the surface of some alcohol in his lab. About 50 years later, in 1827, the Scottish botanist Robert Brown described something curiously similar. He had his microscope trained on some pollen grains. Brown noticed that some of the grains released tiny particles – which would then move away from the pollen grain in a random jittery dance.
At first, Brown wondered if the particles were really some sort of unknown organism. He repeated the experiment with other substances like rock dust, which he knew wasn’t alive, and saw the same strange motion again. It would take almost another century for science to offer an explanation. Einstein came along and developed a mathematical formula that would predict this very particular type of movement – by then called Brownian motion, after Robert Brown. Einstein’s theory was that that the particles from the pollen grains were being moved around because they were constantly crashing into millions of tinier molecules of water – molecules that were made of atoms. By 1908, observations backed with calculations had confirmed that atoms were real. Within about a decade, physicists would be able to go further. By pulling apart individual atoms they began to get a sense of their internal structure. It might come as a surprise that atoms can be broken down – particularly since the very name atom derives from a Greek term “atomos”, which means “indivisible”. But physicists now know that atoms are not solid little balls. It’s better to think of them as tiny electrical, “planetary” systems. They’re typically made up of three main parts: protons, neutrons and electrons. Think of the protons and neutrons as together forming a “sun”, or nucleus, at the centre of the system. The electrons orbit this nucleus, like planets.

Questions and their answers with explanation

  1. The type of random jittery movement of tiny particles is called ________.

After reading the sentence, use the skimming and scanning technique to find the keywords, you find in the question sentence type of random jittery movement. You can see in the 3rd passage of the above text in which you have to face the keyword “type of movement”. It is your location of answer; not the exact answer of the question. Read the sentence carefully and understand the meaning of sentence.

So, the answer you find will be Brownian motion, place it to question sentence and make sense in the question.

  • Einstein explained the phenomenon of particles’ strange motion by the fact that they were collapsing with _____________.

In this question sentence, Einstein and particles phenomenon are keywords to identify in the text for getting correct answer. After reading the text, the fourth passage of the text says about the same topic and the keywords are also there to get correct answer. You have to check the synonyms of the words.

You can see, ‘water molecules’ is the correct answer to put it in the blank space. Because the exact words molecules of water are there in the text but you have to remember the instructions in which it is mentioned that “NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS”. So, you have to change these words in required word limit which is water molecules.

  • Nowadays, scientists consider atoms’ structures similar to tiny __________.

In this 3rd question, you can easily find the question’s keywords scientists and atom structure. Now turn to the text side and find these keywords. It is easy to see atom structure keyword in the last passage of the text. The last passage is the paraphrased of question statement. The correct answer is planetary systems.

  • _____________ are parts that are circling around the nucleus.

Nucleus is the keyword in this question sentence. As you know well that in this question type, the questions and answers are in same order, so the answer of this question is in the last passage of the text and after the 3rd answer. In the last line of the passage, you can face the word nucleus which tells you right answer for this question i.e., electrons.

In a nutshell

IELTS Reading sentence completion named this task is about completing the sentences carrying gaps to fill with appropriate words according to the provided text of IELTS reading. Strategies and skills familiarize you about the difficult level of the text while tips and tricks help you how to manage such a whole task in a limited time.

Practice test is also helpful to familiarize you about the test of IELTS reading sentence completion. The above discussion about IELTS reading sentence completion helps you to manage time effectively and you will do your level best in IELTS reading.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about IELTS reading sentence completion

You must be focused and attentive while answering IELTS reading sentence completion. If you do not understand the text, read it again. Identify the keywords. Be aware about synonyms and paraphrasing of the sentences. Find out the exact word and put it to right place.

The total time duration for IELTS reading is 60 minutes. In this time constraint, you are required to solve IELTS reading sentence completion and all other question types of IELTS reading test.

The purpose to add such type of question sentence completion is to analyze the understanding abilities of a candidate and gripping power of words to extract in the gaps of sentences.

It is essential to note that which skills you have to acquire and need to polish them. After getting knowledge of these skills, improve them by practicing daily. If you are good at practice, you can improve your skills at your level best. Practice and guidance from mentors are essential to improve skills for IELTS reading sentence completion.

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